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Casa Libre

The only shelter nationwide releasing unaccompanied minors from Federal detention centers. 

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When Family Ties Fray, Migrant Kids Can Land on Streets

Casa Libre, a Home for Young Immigrants Fleeing Their Countries...

Immigrant Teen Who Crossed Border Shares His Personal Story

The History of Migrant Children Protection in America...

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Over 200 children in need have been provided shelter and services.

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Casa Libre has transitioned to expand as a youth center to the wider community with workshops, health, and legal services!

Letter of Community Support

Reputable local community-based organizations have come out in unified support of Casa Libre's quality of service, long standing mission, and our leadership. The signed letter of support can be viewed in full on our community page.

CHIRLA supports Casa Libre
El Rescare supports CASA Libre
IILA supports Casa Libre
SALEF supports Casa Libre
Clinica Monsenor Oscar Romero supports Casa Libre
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CLUE supports Casa Libre
UCFW 770 supports Casa Libre
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Casa Libre's Mission

Casa Libre identifies highly vulnerable unaccompanied immigrant minors who are homeless or detained by federal authorities and provides these often traumatized minors with a temporary home and essential social, educational, and legal services to address their trauma, well-being, and seeks to provide legal immigration status.

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A ‘Generous’ Pathway to Citizenship, Foster Care

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The Most Heartbreaking Story at Cannes

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Set to Graduate High School, Carlos Faces Deportation

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Casa Libre's Programs

Casa Libre employs several programs to make the most impact while our residents stay with us.

Casa Libre's Residents

Get to know some of the kids who have resided at Casa Libre where they were put into schools, given legal status, and took various workshops on social and living essentials. Our full documentary can be viewed here.

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Casa Libre relies on the generosity of people like you to keep our doors open. Please consider looking at our wishlist or making a tax-deductible contribution.

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